Raising Kids

A friend of mine and I were discussing the unpredictable challenge of raising kids. What’s the right way, the wrong way, strict, stricter, or free reign? Who really knows, you can study many different cultures and families, and you’ll get … Read More

Don’t Follow The Herd

Will following the HERD lead you down the CLIFF………………Yes it will. Have you ever studied or heard the story about ‘the herd of cattle’ and how they operate in the mountains? Allow me to share. A herd of cattle groups … Read More

Is It A Sin To Be Poor

Now if you’ve followed my previous Tuesday, Blog-Beefs, you know I always push the edges, and tickle the feathers, and this will be no different. As my awareness, knowledge, and wisdom continues to expand, I more often attempt to share … Read More

Will Money Change You?

Money does not change people, ABSOLUTELY not. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying or may have said so yourself, “Money want change me.” To an extent, your right, money, wealth, prosperity will not change you or anyone else for that … Read More

You will reap what you sow

Quickly think about that, whatever you sow you will reap, and what was your first impulse thought? Was it negative, meaning “Yes, if you don’t act right, it will come back to you?” or was it positive, knowing that you … Read More

Excuses Not Allowed

Excuse are no longer allowed. Are excuses learned behavior? Where and when did you discover being raised by a single parent was a disadvantage? Where and when did you begin to believe that you were inferior because of the color … Read More

Interracial Dating

Call Me Dr. Phil, I get a kick sometime observing interracial relationships, lol Well I’m at it again, tickling feathers with my outlandish, enlightening, but true views. I get a kick sometimes just sitting back and observing interracial relationships. NOT … Read More

Genetics or have you inherited ignorance?

And more sadly are you passing on ignorance to your kids??? I hated cough syrup as a kid, but what’s crazy is as an adult I use to drink a cognac called Hennessey. I’m sure this one will now raise … Read More

Don’t Get Stuck, Waiting In Your Driveway

Many people in life “Never Leave the Driveway”. They get stuck planning and mapping out the perfect trip and perfect destination their whole life. At some point you must put the car in reverse, and start driving in order to … Read More

Did you know that most people will make a million in their lifetime, look at the math.

When I make this statement at times in seminars I conduct, I always get that foreign look, like “OK, Charlie, where did they get this guy from, and I hope he has another profession, because this one want last long”. … Read More