Genetics or have you inherited ignorance?

And more sadly are you passing on ignorance to your kids???
I hated cough syrup as a kid, but what’s crazy is as an adult I use to drink a cognac called Hennessey. I’m sure this one will now raise a few eye brows. Now the crazy thing is this drink was worse than the cough syrup I had as a kid. Why would I do that? Here’s why, it’s a culture I was raised in, that said, this was the alcohol of choice that my culture drink. Well my friend, this is called paradigms, which are simply a multitude of habits that you’re taught by your environment or authority figures that you learn and just accept without THOUGHT or question and sometime go through your whole life as being right. It’s also ignorance because I am ignoring the facts that alcohol slowly kills one of your most vital organs, the liver and this cognac being 45% liquor may not be the best thing compared to a glass of wine at 6% that aids the heart in moderation, and taste much better. The good thing about paradigms is they can be changed or broken. We do also learn some good habits; watch for cars, don’t touch hot stoves, but in most cases, we inherited bad paradigms as well that dictate our life, future and sometimes drive us straight to destruction. Unfortunately, these paradigms are really just other people’s habits. They are really not our choices from what we’ve researched and learned, we were born, raised, and just accepted what other people taught us as truth. Our environment is comfortable, everybody is in unison, so it must be ok and right, and we then reject any alternative solutions or theory that may be better for our health, wealth, and well-being. We go to church because mom went. We smoke because everyone in our circle smokes. We hear that going to college is for smart kids and the thing to do, so if we don’t go to college, we automatically think, we’re doomed, I can’t be successful, which is farthest from the truth. In one of the most popular religious books, the bible, states “The sins of the father will follow their sons, and their sons, sons, 3rd & 4th generation”. So if you’re not getting the results you desire, with your health, wealth, or life, evaluate your daily habits and beliefs, don’t just accept what you’ve only learned to this point. Seek the best knowledge with an open mind that your way may not be the only way or the best way. This is where growth starts, change, and progress begin. Reject the status quo. Here’s one for you, we hear sometimes in health, my high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol is just in my genes. Well a little secret, it’s NOT. That’s a lie. The only thing you’ve inherited is your families eating and lifestyle habits. I know this one may be hard to swallow. Seek better health, wealth, and prosperity. Break the generation cycle of bad habits. Change may be uncomfortable, but sometimes change with an open mind can be better.

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  2. Ollie Dart says:

    “Who, being loved, is poor?” ~ Oscar Wilde

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