Excuses Not Allowed

Excuse are no longer allowed. Are excuses learned behavior? Where and when did you discover being raised by a single parent was a disadvantage? Where and when did you begin to believe that you were inferior because of the color of your skin, your height, or your weight? Who told you that you would never amount to anything, and that you could not be wealthy, healthy, and worry free? Who said Democrats or Republicans are right, or wrong? In fact whoever determined what’s right or wrong or did you learn your perception of right and wrong and just accepted that notion because it was most popular? If you’ve read my previous blogs, you understand that, not thinking utilizing your most powerful creation is not allowed, but now I’m adding excuses. They are no longer allowed. You must begin to take personal accountability for everything you currently have and everything you don’t have. You are currently at a point in your life, financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually not so much because of what you currently know, but more so what you don’t know. For those who run from books, education or knowledge, re-read that last sentence. Let’s face it, the reason you haven’t won the “lottery” is because you didn’t know the winning numbers, but what’s more eye opening is that you’re only playing the lottery because you haven’t learned how to become wealthy through creation where the odds are much better than Powerball. Did you know that the lottery is a volunteer tax? Think about it, some complain about taxes, but each check they volunteer more taxes to the state through the lottery. Everyone has the opportunity to be successful by being wealthy. There is an unlimited supply of wealth. Ignore the politicians talking points that state the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer as if the rich is taking advantage or away from lower income earners. This is not true. You have the opportunity to live an abundant, free, happy and healthy life, you, your family, all your friends, and many more through creation and providing good quality service. Being a single parent doesn’t matter, your physical appearance doesn’t matter, and the political party is irrelevant. Bush/Cheney, or Obama/Biden, has your life really changed, hmm, think about it. In this wonderful land of opportunity, and freedom of choice, it will only be your thinking and acceptance of the truth that will determine your future. The truth is, you have unlimited ability when you begin to stop accepting and allowing any excuse to stop you. Obama, first black President proved this. Excuses be-gone, no longer allowed, where there is a will, there is a way.

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