Don’t Follow The Herd

Will following the HERD lead you down the CLIFF………………Yes it will.
Have you ever studied or heard the story about ‘the herd of cattle’ and how they operate in the mountains? Allow me to share. A herd of cattle groups together and mirrors or follows the movements of their surrounding without conscious thought. Cattlemen have studied and they understand this concept, therefore it is very easy for 2 or 3 cattlemen to manage hundreds of cattle, which is a herd of cattle. This type of action is so precise, that you could lead the front of an approaching herd of cattle towards a cliff, and one-by-one they will all fall into alignment down the cliff to their ending.
Now, stay with me for a minute, I’m no biblical scholar but there is a biblical verse that says, “I give you dominion over every living thing that moves on earth”. The reason that we as humans have dominion over all living things is based on our ability to THINK & REASON. With these faculties you can use your intellect and decipher different situations, challenges and always THINK of a solution. Now you must ask yourself the question are you stuck in the herd, or the MATRIX, that’s leading you towards a cliff unconsciously? Or do you step away from time to time out of the Matrix and control your own daily objective? When you begin to THINK, you are using your most gifted and powerful ability. This reaffirms that there is unlimited potential in all of us, and you have the ability to overcome any perceived challenge or obstacle in your life. Think about this statistic, 3-5% of the people in this world, earn about 90-95% of all money, which means the remaining 5-10% of money earned is shared by the herd. But here’s the kicker, there is still an unlimited amount of wealth waiting for creation for all to attain. The old saying, “birds of a feather flock together, but eagles soar alone, now which one is more powerful? Don’t be afraid to step outside the box, think different, and never trust the opinion of a new idea with the masses. When the masses begin to tell you, that you’re a little crazy, you’re probably on the right track, ask Bill Gates when first describing Microsoft to his fellow Harvard friends.

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  1. Marina says:

    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

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