Don’t Get Stuck, Waiting In Your Driveway

Many people in life “Never Leave the Driveway”. They get stuck planning and mapping out the perfect trip and perfect destination their whole life. At some point you must put the car in reverse, and start driving in order to ever enjoy your journey or arrive at your destination. Don’t get stuck in dreamland your whole life, waiting for the perfect day, clear skies, sunny day, slight pacific breeze. This may not always be the case when you begin. Your current circumstances or past results and conditions do not and will not determine your future success on achieving your goals. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “I would try that, but I just don’t have time” or “I have to wait until I get my bills in order first” or “My kids need me right now, I wish I had the freedom”. Ironically these are really just lame excuses for not taking action. It’s not Truth or Reality, this is FEAR in disguise. The old man FEAR has won so many times, and rode so many individuals to the grave, with shoulda, coulda, woulda, & but. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, which is the opposite of Faith, which is the belief in the invisible of the incredible manifesting in your life. Faith is not waiting for perfection before you move; faith is exercise by all great achievers, by moving knowing without a doubt that things will become perfect through ACTION in the end. This FEAR is your old conditioning and mindset that has been falsely planted in your head, that’s not protecting you, but neglecting you from truly accomplishing your goals that are very attainable. When you decide on a goal, plan, hold that image, be grateful, begin, take action, have faith and start driving. Yes, it may rain; sleet, snow, and you may even hit a few pot holes, maybe run out of gas, need new tires, and more. But, I guarantee you will be a lot closer to your goal, and eventually arrive to your destination, than when you were “Stuck, waiting in your driveway”

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